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About us

Passion, Perseverance and an uncompromising commitment to Perfection. This is what makes Tetsuuma.


From left to right: Avhirup, Alan and Kunal - Founders of Tetsuuma 

Three years ago, Alan Hale, the founder of Tetsuuma, needed a reliable and efficient way to travel around the city of Nottingham. He got an electric bike, which broke in a matter of weeks. He then got an electric moped but the insurance chewed through his wallet, and then he purchased a steel electric bike which worked well for a few months until the batteries and chain started failing too.

Alan wasn’t happy with the existing options available in the market. There were problems with battery, reliability, comfort and price. That’s when the idea of Tetsuuma came to him. He built the idea and vision but didn’t have the know how to achieve the dream. That’s when he met Avhirup Ghosh in 2019.

Avhirup is a Design Engineer who has experience working on the designs of high-end luxury cars, sport motorcycles and even an Electric Speed Boat. He always had a passion for green technology and through his friend Kunal Jajodia they designed a battery pack which could last longer than 10 years on moderate use.

The meeting between Alan and Avhirup seemed to be a fated encounter, so together they formed Tetsuuma, “The Iron Horse” with a mission to create the most durable, useful, comfortable electric bike that gives people the freedom to go wherever they want to, whenever they want to, without breaking their wallet.

The team encountered countless obstacles in their journey to bring Tetsuuma to life, but their perseverance, passion and a no-compromise commitment to excellence led to the creation of the World’s 1st e-bike with a whopping 200km range on a single charge. Not only this, the e-stallion by Tetsuuma offers an extremely comfortable ride thanks to superior Carbon belt drive and is loaded with modern day amenities like geo-fencing, anti-theft, 360 visibility and more.

The plan was to raise the funds via Indiegogo, however, instead of paying 8.5% in Indiegogo’s commissions, we decided to pass those savings to you.

Order your e-Stallion now. Thank you for your support.